Another Night Shoot in the Avonlea Badlands

Part of the fun of photography is getting together with other like-minded people and having a good time. On this night we did just that. The Avonlea Heritage Museum hosted a workshop featuring famous Saskatchewan photographer Colin Chatfield. The workshop was very informative and we all learned a lot about taking photographs at night. Then, after a quick bite to eat, we went to the Avonlea Badlands to put this new information to use.


There were 24 photographers in this group and we all had fun shooting in this fragile landscape.


With so little light pollution, I even managed a faint milky way by this cool hoodoo. And Wanda did a fine job of light painting it in.


We shot a couple of different viewpoints. This one, with a level horizon, shows that this hoodoo actually leans southward.


We were visited by an alien spaceship! Master light painter Tara helped with this one.


You really can see more stars down here.


Yes, there are dinosaurs in the Avonlea Badlands. We named him Rory.


You would think we were at Sedona.

I was really impressed by the photography etiquette that was displayed by this large group and was equally impressed by the group’s creativity and willingness to share information and ideas. Well done!



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