Partial Solar Eclipse 2017 Aug 21

I had read about the eclipse and prepared for the day by procuring a few sets of protective eye covers and even a sheet of solar film. I made filters for my cameras using tin cans just a little larger than my intended lenses and a little gaffer tape. At one point, I was determined to drive south to the path of totality, but after seeing the weather forecast for cloud cover, changed my mind and stayed home where we enjoyed clear skies.


I set up inside and shot out the door in an effort to protect the long lens from the wind. By the time I was set up, this was the first shot I got. I set the camera to take a shot every 10 seconds.


This is about maximum coverage at 80%. The scene moved all the way across my frame so I had to reset the direction every 6 minutes or so. Every time I moved the camera, the vibration in the long lens caused the picture to be brighter than the rest.


Almost over, the moon just had a little bite.


Sunny day!

This is the timelapse of a stationary sun that was made from a series of sequences below.

These are the sets of sequences of the partial solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017 that I edited into the stationary sun video above.

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