Owls Again

The owls are still hunting around us. The weird thing is, they don’t hoot to communicate as most great horned owls do. These ones screech. Mutants? Maybe!


I love the owl head bob as he scans the ground for prey!


This shot was in the quonset earlier this summer when these adolescents still used their nest and were learning to fly.


After they left the nest, we didn’t know if they would stick around, but they did. We tossed some gophers on the roof of this shed in the evenings and by morning, they were gone.


I always wonder why they screech rather than hoot. They do screech back and forth, so they are communicating. I managed to capture this photo with his beak wide open and thought it was extremely red. Hmmmm??


Mastering flight has been interesting to watch.


As the summer comes to a close, they will leave for warmer climates. I hope they are well prepared for the winter and if they return next year, we will be impressed.




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