Dust Storm

Now I can almost imagine what it was like to live on a farm in the Dirty Thirties. Hubby called from the window that I should come look. There was a sickly brown cloud below the storm clouds. I shut the window, grabbed my camera and we headed out to the car. As I came around the corner of the house, I was hit in the face by flying sand. Continue reading Dust Storm

Avonlea Badlands - Hoodoo, Mars and Milky Way

Avonlea Badlands by Starlight

The Avonlea Heritage Museum hosted another photography workshop featuring the incredibly talented Colin Chatfield last week. He gave a very informative talk about night photography and I’m sure we all learned a lot. Afterward, I led the group out to the Avonlea Badlands (private land, but we had permission) to practice what we had learned. Headlamps and flashlights enabled us to see the way and … Continue reading Avonlea Badlands by Starlight