Avonlea Badlands - Hoodoo, Mars and Milky Way

Avonlea Badlands by Starlight

The Avonlea Heritage Museum hosted another photography workshop featuring the incredibly talented Colin Chatfield last week. He gave a very informative talk about night photography and I’m sure we all learned a lot. Afterward, I led the group out to the Avonlea Badlands (private land, but we had permission) to practice what we had learned. Headlamps and flashlights enabled us to see the way and … Continue reading Avonlea Badlands by Starlight


Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve

We revisited the Riparian Preserve as there always seems to be something interesting. One night, I will return for some star shots. The turtles were sunning themselves near the bridge. Lucky we got this close to one that was perched on the edge of an old post. Natural, un-trimmed palm tree branches shade the trunk from the hot sun. This bush had some buds getting … Continue reading Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve