Night Photography

Shooting at night is a little more technical than daytime. I was glad that renowned night photographers Colin Chatfield and Tara McGee came to do a workshop at Avonlea Heritage Museum. Colin’s presentation was very informative and I’m glad I attended.

During his presentation, it rained and was thundering, so we were unable to go to the Avonlea Badlands. Thanks Jan, for allowing us to shoot the thresher instead!

To practise some long exposures, we did some light painting to try and entice Lady Aurora.

The skies to the north cleared a little giving us a few stars.

The group was great and I met some interesting photographers!

The view to the south was particularly interesting when the cloud was reflecting green aurora light back to my camera. Two yard lights on either side showed up on the horizon and there were a few stars shining above the clouds.

On my way home, I had to stop and catch another break in the clouds.

It seemed fitting to aim northwest along the track toward Moose Jaw.

My wide lens distorts the storage bins beside Avonlea’s elevator. Hmmm…

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