An Evening at Arches Nat. Park

I had the privilege of visiting Arches National Park in Utah again this fall. The road takes you all over the park and has small pullouts to park in if you need a closer look.

We were amazed by all the formations after the initial elevation into the park. The three gossips greeted us and you might be able to see some cars in the shaded valley below (for scale).

A quick stop at the first vista revealed there was not much time left before sundown.

This gnarly formation begged me to come closer.

We decided to head for Balanced Rock.

Even though it was precariously perched, we walked all the way around it to stretch our legs.

The old stump at the base of Balanced Rock made a nice silhouette against the evening sky.

We didn’t quite make it to the viewpoint for Delicate Arch (the cowboy chaps) before sunset and so these shots are a bit flat.

I’m really glad we didn’t try the 2 mile extreme hike to watch the sunset behind Delicate Arch or we would have been with all these people.

The Eagle Rock perched on the side of the mountain revealed itself on the way back to the car as the clouds were still lit.

As we were leaving the park, I decided to stop at a pullout and get some shots during blue hour.

There is so much to see at Arches National Park, and I have only scratched the surface. I will be back.

My last visit to Arches National Park is here.

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