Bryce Canyon

While passing through the area, we decided to take an extra day and see Bryce Canyon. This is one of those “special” places that leaves your jaw in the dirt. Even photographs don’t really do this landscape any justice. It simply must be experienced. I highly recommend a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park.


From edge of the rim, I made this panorama from a few photos shot in portrait orientation but still couldn’t get the bottom of the canyon in. The shot simply had to have the horizon line.


The Ponderosa pines at the bottom might give a sense of the enormity of the canyon. I was drawn to the different colours of earth in the hoodoos and tried to imagine the amount of water and wind that sculpted them.


Our hike began at the edge of the forest on the rim in the above picture. Richard agreed to the “short” hike, a 0.8 mile down – 320 feet to the Queen’s Garden, knowing we would have the same path as our exit.


As we descended, meandering through the spires, I was in awe. There were photos everywhere I looked. This is a mere select few of what I shot that day.


Features carved by nature’s own hand are unbelievable. And yes, that’s snow in the distance. The rim of Bryce is about 8000 feet above sea level – Phoenix is 1100 and Avonlea is 1900.


The trail winds and bends down through the crazy formations to the forested floor and at one point, goes through a tunnel carved through the earth.

The timelapse from the floor of the Queen’s Garden is best viewed in full screen in HD.


With all camera batteries dead or cards full, we began the dreaded climb back up to the rim. We rested at each turn in the steep switchback section. Safely back on the rim, we took in the view from all the stops across the top. I can’t wait to go back.


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