Back to the Riparian Preserve

I could see during the late afternoon that the sunset might be interesting. We grabbed gear and headed to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch to a spot I had scouted on a previous visit. A group of photographers from the big lens club were capturing the woodpeckers nesting in the saguaro cactus holes. When they finished and packed up their gear, we set up just east of the little forest and started the timelapse. A couple of other photographers were also using the majestic saguaros and fiery sky as backdrop for their subjects, but I was shooting mostly sky, so they didn’t interfere much.


This is my favourite shot from the time-lapse. The time-lapse is a 45 minute period lapsed into 15 seconds.


The observatory made a nice silhouette too. I will have to go back again and double the sunset in the calm waters.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Riparian Preserve

  1. Very beautiful Cathy! I’m not a pro but sometimes I want to put a watermark on my pictures. Just have to learn how to do it.!


    1. Thanks, Michele! I have a workflow that includes a watermark. I did some research before beginning to watermark as there are a few different schools of thought. I have seen some of your awesome photos and I would watermark if I were you.


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