Wave Cave Hike

In March 2019, we finally found time and had good weather to hike to the Wave Cave near Gold Canyon, Arizona. I had read about it and seen photos. There are two parking areas – one for those with a Park Pass, and one for the rest of us (which added about 1.5 miles to our hike). So one day, we packed up the camera, water and some trail mix and headed to Gold Canyon.

Along the Lost Goldmine Trail

The Lost Goldmine Trail winds its way across the base of the mountains giving us a wonderful view of this cliff face near the parking area.

Wild Poppies along the trail

Arizona received record rainfall this winter hampering some of our hiking plans, but the poppies loved it.

Wild Lupins

The lupins were also enjoying the available moisture.

Wild Poppies

The wind was gently blowing this cluster of wild poppies.

Lime-green Lichen

The lichen really is lime-green coloured. The Wave Cave is ahead just at the base of the craggy peaks.

A look back down the trail

The road and trailhead you see off in the distance is the one for those with the park pass. Our car is another 0.75 mile to the left.

Wave Cave is in sight

The wave cave is under the peak on the right, just under the overhanging rock. Soon after this, the trail became difficult and Richard elected to stay and wait for me to come back down.

Almost there!

The Wave Cave has become more popular in recent years, making me wish I had visited when I first heard about it. Luckily, two young gals and I leap-frogged up the last steep 1/4 mile. We took turns resting on boulders until we finally made it up under the overhang.

The Wave Formation

My first view of the wave formation was a welcomed sight. There were about 10-15 people already up in the cave.

On the wave

The two girls I climbed with were posing a heart shape. Hopefully they find this blog post.

Surfin’ the Wave

I preferred to surf the wave.

Wave Cave Panorama

Behind the wave formation is a huge cave. I suspect that water and wind erosion have created the hollow under the sandstone ledge.

Lush Sonoran Desert

The way back down the mountain was a wee bit quicker. The Sonoran Desert is amazingly lush this year.

Almost perfect saguaro
Lush desert landscape

The trail back to the car gave me some much needed motion for my tired, rubber legs. In total, my watch says about 14,000 steps, 41 flights and 10km (6 miles).

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