HooCam S7 E7 Banding

These owlets got their bracelets this week! Big thank you to this bunch – Karla Bloem (International Owl Center, Houston, MN), Dick Clegg (who previously banded owls in our barrel), Martin Gerard (SK bander extraordinaire), Al (Birdman) Smith and their local assistant, Tanner Stevens. They did a great job and the owls hardly seemed phased by the commotion. Click to learn more about banding.

L-R Myself, Richard, Dick Clegg, Tanner Stevens, Karla Bloem, Al Smith (missing- Martin Gerard)

First, they moved the birds from the nest to an open area in the quonset. In a very short time, bracelets were affixed and it was time for photos.

After the owls were placed back in the nest, they settled right back in to their normal daily activities. Because they had a glimpse of a bigger world out there, I think they were eager to explore further and the day after banding, two of them left the nest.

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