HooCam S7E4 Antics

There have been many changes this week. As her babies grow, the need for more food increases and Mama Hoo spends less time at the nest. Both she and Papa Hoo are bringing treats for their young. Although we only saw Papa Hoo bring one meal, Mama Hoo seems tireless in her job to feed the babies. The eldest has started hopping in the nest and will soon be looking for a branch, I’m sure. So, Shawn and I moved the pipe from the back of the nest to the front. Mama Hoo seemed pleased with this rearrangement and has been seen walking along the pipe in front of her young audience watching her every move. She also sits on the nearby plywood as she leaves, showing them places to land, I’m sure. Whooo knows, maybe next week we will see Papa Hoo show them how to walk along the branch (pipe). Enjoy!

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