Watson Lake & Northern BC

On our way home from the Yukon and Alaska in July 2022, we followed the Al-Can (Alaska) Highway southward.

The sides of the road were all blooming fireweed, the official flower of the Yukon.

We camped at a beautiful site in Watson Lake Park in Yukon and had a good campfire that night.

Some gray jays (whisky jacks) tried to eat Richard’s breakfast. They kept checking to see if we left them anything.

In the morning, we kayaked for a bit on Watson Lake, then headed into town.

We found an empty spot on a post in the signpost forest and attached our old Avonlea plate. The signpost forest is an interesting stop in Watson Lake.

Some of the local wildlife.

Ram tough!

Beautiful scenery!

Our next campsite was at Laird Hot Springs Provincial Park. These natural hot springs are in a beautiful setting with all kinds of species that live no where else. The water was hottest at this end and cooler at the other end. The campground did not have showers but at least we were rinsed off in the hot springs.

In downtown Dawson Creek, we found the Mile Zero post for the Alaska Highway. After that we were into Alberta.

2 thoughts on “Watson Lake & Northern BC

  1. Thks for sharing. Our plan is to go next May. I may have to have a chat to get some pointers from you. On the licence plate posts I saw a Dog River plate interesting.


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