HooCam S6 In an Eggshell

We were pleased this spring to see Mama Hoo had laid two eggs in the same barrel nest in our quonset. We set up the cameras and enjoyed watching this pair. Some of this year’s highlights include a drop-in visit from a sparrow, Mama Hoo uses careful balance returning to the nest, Papa Hoo brings a meal, dream-hooting, and of course, an uninvited guest stays for dinner.

After posting a small part of this video to social media, I was informed that some people were traumatized. So I am putting a warning before you watch. Mostly, it is just from 10:00 to 13:13 that may offend some viewers but this is just nature, plain and simple.

Warning: Some content may be offensive to some viewers.

4 thoughts on “HooCam S6 In an Eggshell

  1. Nature can be so cutthroat at times. Happy to hear they have nested again, you’ll need to get yourself some tree climbing rigging for next year. Any idea what that thwacking sound was while the racoon was there? You can hear the hooties in the background, I thought maybe it was them.

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    1. Yes, solar wireless cameras are what I need! lol The “thwacking” sound is Mama Hoo clicking her beak – the normal behaviour for danger danger. I don’t think she was too far away by the sound of her. Probably just on top of the truck where she was looking just before she flew. Papa Hoo was a little further away but you can hear him hooting too.

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