Ogema, Sk

We went to Ogema to see their car show on Sat July 3, 2021. We ended up staying for pizza and a tour of their museum as well. What a good day!

Firstly, the crops around here look fabulous and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Ogema closes their Main Street and parks classic automobiles up both sides.

The old BA station has been restored and even boasts a visible pump under the canopy.

I know a couple of guys who used to drive a truck like this!

And how many welders wouldn’t want this to take to work?

From the glass doorknob shifter to the custom seat covers, this rat rod gets my vote for unique interior.

Love the colour and style of this one!

Black beauty!

It was sad to see the old fire wall had been knocked over. It must have been one of the big winds we had earlier this year.

When I was a kid, we went all over Saskatchewan and even out to the west coast in one just like this. Oh, the memories!

It was the first vehicle I ever got to steer while standing between my parents’ seats (I was about 7). And at night, my cot was above the front seats. Ask me about the bears in PANP.

I remember one of my birthdays was on one of our trips.

My older sister got to sleep on the cot up in the crow’s nest. I was so jealous.

Mom and Dad flopped the bench down and slept in the back.

Gotta love a ’57 Chev.

Classic Nova!

Old cars have so much style.

I had heard about the great pizza at Solo Italia, so we tried their Bella Italia. It was awesome! I will need more.

Who doesn’t love that front end?

We had to check out the Deep South Museum. What was this for? Sharpening sickle blades? If you know, please comment below. Thanks.

Signs of the times.

A speaker from the old Ogema Theatre was interesting.

We remembered Harold Sheetz and went to see his cars.

We didn’t know that Massey made tires.

We got to see Harold’s Model T.

A museum volunteer explained that these two were the only ones left from Harold’s collection.

After seeing the museum, we swung by the car show again, and saw that more cars had arrived and were parked in single file up the middle of the street as well. It was an enjoyable day to spend outside, maskless.

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