HooCam S4 E5 Empty Nest

The Hoo family is progressing nicely.

This is some video we recorded this past week.

Papa Hoo sits in a willow tree by the dugout and keeps an eye on the farm equipment across the road.

Even though they are nocturnal, they seem to be awake during the day.

One day we noticed only Hoo2 was left in the nest. The next day, the nest was empty. I decided to have a look. Mama Hoo flew away as I approached the doorway. Hoo 1 peeks at me.

Mama Hoo stays nearby in another willow tree. She watches me as I watch her babies. Once I knew the young ones were alright, I left them alone.

We have checked them a few times and Mama Hoo is never far away. I think she is calling them to the trees, but they are still unable to fly. Soon, my pretties…

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