A Pair for the Win [HooCam S4 E3]

We needed something we had stored in this building and somehow, the HooCam got knocked and was pointed at the ceiling, so I had to go straighten it up and check the nest.

I talked a lot as I approached the building to let her know I was coming. Armed with my camera, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for flight shots as I knew where she would go.

This was when the first owlet was 3 days old. Nasty nest! But good parents I guess.

After waiting four days after the first owlet hatched, we were pleased when the second egg cracked. You can see the progress from the timecode how quickly they grow. In one day, the first could raise its own head. Five days later, its eyes were open. I wish we could get in there and see her feed them. I’m really glad she is so careful when feeding them and when she leaves and returns to the nest.

Papa Hoo keeps an eye on things and hoots when something is amiss.

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