2021 HooCam S4 E2 Hatch Egg 1

With great hope, we have been watching the parents care for these two great horned owl eggs which we think is their 3rd attempt at a nest this year. Papa Hoo has been bringing food to Mama Hoo faithfully while she incubates the eggs. Yesterday evening Shawn noticed that there was what appeared to be a hole or two in the right side egg.

Sure enough, one of the eggs hatched last night. And they have begun to stockpile food in the nest. Make sure you have your volume on to hear them chat when he brings food. You can see the newly hatched owlet moving briefly before Mama Hoo returns to her nest. Stay tuned!

This year, I have resolved to bother them less than last time in hopes that they continue to use this nest. I have also been in contact with a researcher who studies their hoots and the sounds they make. Check out her website that explains some of their vocalizations at https://www.internationalowlcenter.org/ghovocalizations.html I find them fascinating and am so lucky to have them nesting in a place where I can place cameras!

One thought on “2021 HooCam S4 E2 Hatch Egg 1

  1. That is so wonderful that your guests have returned for another season. It’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve been able to capture them doing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


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