Ski Dunnet

Some friends took me skiing yesterday. With little to no wind in the forecast, I was excited to get out and enjoy the day. Here is a little aerial video from our excursion down in Dunnet Regional Park near Avonlea.

There are plenty of trails here and thankfully, they chose flatter ones for me (the rookie) since I am out of shape and haven’t skied since high school. I dressed way too warmly but enjoyed the outing immensely! Big thanks to Darlene and Tracy and I am looking forward to the next one.

After the ski trip, I decided to go for a walk to try and stay limber. The overnight fog had left its mark on our trees and the lack of wind had left it there for me.

Blue spruce seem especially colourful at this time of year.

Even the grass wore the effects of moisture at freezing temps.

Another blue spruce caught my eye.

Some dill left in my garden provided great contrast with bushes behind.

Another dill, taller than its counterparts, stood up for me to notice.

We had more fog last night, so I may try again if the sun comes out.

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