Jupiter and Saturn Chasing the Milky Way

When the weather permits, it is a treat to photograph the galactic center of the milky way. On this night, it was fairly calm but there were a few noctilucent clouds in the area.

Shortly after sunset I got the rig set up and captured this one during the blue hour. Jupiter and Saturn, the two bright spots on the left, are following the milky way westward.

Some nearby lights lit up the clouds as they drifted southward. There are few places left in the world where one can see this many stars and I count myself lucky!

Be sure to check out the 4 second timelapse video above that shows all the motion in the night sky over a three hour period from 11:30pm to 2:30am.

I went back out the next night and was ecstatic to catch not one, but two Bootid meteors in this single exposure.

But this is my favourite! Not only the Milky Way being chased by Jupiter again, but this also has a meteor from the June Bootids AND the clouds are lit by a flash of lightning. Shortly after this shot, the rain began. In the timelapse video below, you can see the rain toward the end.

Again, this is from 11:30pm until 2am

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