Kayville Road Trip

I chose to go on a road trip to Kayville, Sk after doing some farm work in the area and having several friends recommended a number of churches and old school sites in the area.

I had been in the area a few years ago to view the recently restored bell tower from St Peter and Paul. On this day, the cedar shingles were all that was left fo complete the restoration.

I found it so intriguing, I returned another evening to time-lapse the aurora. What a show she put on for us.

Watch a 16 second timelapse of the Aurora as she dances on Sep 28, 2016

There are a number of churches along one street in the small town of Kayville beginning with this one. There is no sign to tell about it, but the word over the door is Hope.

The former Sask Wheat Pool elevator seems to be in use although privately owned.

St’s Peter and Paul Church was moved here from the bell tower in the early years.

This well-maintained Romanian Orthodox Church is surrounded by carragana hedges and spruce trees.

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church was built in 1923 and is entirely clad in steel.

The bell shaped tops of Holy Trinity will likely be the subject of another timelapse someday.

Next was St Mary’s Orthodox Church.

This church was important enough to have a road named after it.

The Croft school marker sits proudly near a farmstead.

Crystal Hill School marker is right by the school.

The nice new steel roof on Crystal Hill School should protect it from the elements.

Sinclair Hill School marker was on the side of a speed curve, but looked good with cattle grazing in behind.

I am amazed at the dedication of the local people who funded and restored these old buildings and markers – kudos to you all! This is a very scenic loop from Avonlea that I will enjoy time and again.

4 thoughts on “Kayville Road Trip

  1. My old highway area that I travelled frequently while with Dept of Highways Nice my daughter 😷❤️

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  2. I loved that you included the old St. Mary’s Church out in the country …my parents and a lot of relatives are buried there …sad to see it going into disrepair, however ,glad it is still there.
    Thanks for the photos. as a child we went to the churches in Kayville as well as to the St. Mary’s Church .


      1. Thanks for your post ..if we get back to visit family in Avonlea, we definitely will be going to the St .Mary’s Cemetery


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