Eat, Sleep, Repeat

In the above video, the owlets are sleeping, then Mama Hoo comes to feed them. She doesn’t bring new prey, just grabs part of one that remains in the nest and starts pulling parts off for her young ones. Viewer discrepancy is advised.

I always talk to Mama Hoo as I approach the quonset. Sometimes I manage to get a shot off before she’s gone.

She usually flies to her favourite nearby willow tree and waits for me to leave.

Sometimes Papa Hoo is already there waiting. They both watch me and hoot while I’m inside checking on their babies.

While they are smaller, there seems to be a lot of food stored in the nest along with the owlets – tenderizing, I suppose?

They often sleep face down in the clover seed, but this one was facing me. I resisted the urge to touch the fuzzy creature.

The smallest one isn’t much bigger than the mouse beside him. There are some feathers from a bird that has fallen prey to the parents.

They won’t be this small and docile for long!

Mama Hoo always watches what we are doing.

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