Wild Horses of the Salt River

Arizona’s Salt River is home to a herd of wild horses. Many of them are believed to be descendants of the horses that were brought to the Americas by the Spaniards hundreds of years ago.

Some rocks near the river look like conglomerate.

The Salt River flows down the edge of the Valley of the Sun and fills numerous man-made lakes on its way westward. Some rocks at Phon d Sutton Recreation Area look very similar to the Conglomerate Cliffs of Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, which are formed when rivers deposit sand, pebbles and rocks and cement them together over time.

Fisherman standing up to his knees.

The Salt River is a wide, shallow river.

Wild horse heading to the river for a drink.

A friend had seen the herd before and knew where we were likely to find them. Thanks for being a great guide, Brian!

Some of the Salt River Wild Horses

We found them without too much trouble.

More Salt River Wild Horses

As we moved further downriver, we found another group.

A cool place in the desert.

On a warm February day, these two seemed to enjoy standing in the cool water.

Portrait of a Horse

This one posed for me.

Wild horses doing the wild thing!

These three seem to have contracted spring fever.

Frisky pair
Salt River Horse portrait
Egrets watching the horses

The horses splash the water with their hoofs to get themselves wet. There are a number of birds that live along the Salt River but that is for another post.

Lush vegetation in the Sonoran Desert

Arizona has had record amounts of rainfall this winter and the desert floor is a mat of green.

7 thoughts on “Wild Horses of the Salt River

  1. Great composition of the great white egret watching the horses – you captured the essence of the interrelatedness of this valley environment.


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