Grand Canyon North Rim

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6903 copy

We stopped at our favourite rock shop in Orderville, UT.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6911 copy

These fossils looked so cool and their tiny fins were extremely fragile.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6923 copy

We are in dinosaur country!

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6945 copy

Further south, remnants of a forest fire create their own beauty.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6960 copy

The fire cleansed and now new growth starts the cycle again.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6963 copy

Did I mention that I love silhouettes?

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7014 copy

At the North Rim Visitor Center, we take the path out to the point.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7021 copy

The point narrows as we near the end. Trees thrive on the rocks.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6986 copy

The Grand Canyon is immense and these photos don’t do it justice.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_6987 copy

The gash down in the valley is Bright Angel Canyon. It formed when the earth’s crust fractured. Makes me feel really small. On the far rim, barely visible as a pimple is the mountain at Flagstaff.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7055 copy

We drove along the Vermillion cliffs for a while.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7063 copy

I had to stop at Cliff Dwellers to check out the sights.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7061 copy

There were some crazy cool rock formations.

I walked under the boulders and touched them. Why would they fall now after standing on those pedestals for eons?

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7188 copy

This is at Navajo Bridge west of the Glen Canyon Dam at Page, AZ. Emerald water of the Colorado River makes me wonder how anyone could have crossed here before the bridge.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7223 copy

The old bridge on the left has been retired and is only for walking now. The one on the right is for automobiles. Six miles upstream from here was Lee’s Ferry – the only way across the Colorado River between Page, AZ and Las Vegas, NV between 1873-1927.

20181104NorthRimGrandCanyonDSC_7209 copy

This is the view upstream from the middle of the walking bridge. We crossed the bridge and continued on our way to Flagstaff.


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