Yellowstone 2018

We were travelling through the area and checked Yellowstone National Park’s website to see if the roads were still open. Usually when we come this way, snow has already dumped and closed the roads, but this was a warm fall season.

20181030YellowstoneDSC_5409 2 copy

We stayed in Livingston, MT the night before and it was a nice drive to the park.

20181030YellowstoneDSC_5583-1 2 copy

We marvelled at the tiered pools of mineral water finding its way down the slope.

20181030YellowstoneDSC_5412 2 copy

The overcast morning gave the scene even lighting.

20181030YellowstoneDSC_5433 2 copy

This is a dormant hot spring cone and is known as Liberty Cap.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5625 2 copy

The ground nearby is full of these holes (vents) and we are encouraged to stay on the trail.

20181030YellowstoneDSC_5605-1 2 copy

Beautiful steaming puddles are everywhere and there are few people.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5617 2 copy

The colourful waters in YNP are caused by bacteria and algae that love these warm mineralized environments.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5969 2 copy

Evidence of the previous cold night had not yet melted. The steaming puddles continued to stick to one side of the pine needles.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5998 2 copy

The Grand Prismatic Spring was shrouded in fog during our visit. Good thing we had seen it last time.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_6485 2 copy

Water from the Grand Prismatic falls into the Yellowstone River which flows through the park.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5809 2 copy

We had stopped here a few years ago in July. Still beautiful!

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5642-1 copy

Mineral deposits cause tiers that hinder the water flow.

20181031YellowstoneDSC_5627-1 2 copy

Ooohhh soooo blue! This was hottub sized but a little too warm for me.  Check out the time-lapses in the video below. At the end of the video, the most active geyser, Artesia Geyser spews about once per minute and you can see the bubbles in the boiling water.

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