Halloween Shoot 2018

We hadn’t organized a Halloween shoot for a couple of years, and so we decided we’d like to do it again. I called the farmer to obtain permission to take photos by this really interesting old grain elevator.

Turn your volume up to hear the coyotes that serenaded us a couple of times while we were there. TURN UP THE VOLUME when you watch the above video. They were just at the edge of the yard and added to the ambiance.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5397 copy


The moonlit elevator was the perfect backdrop for some Halloween props.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5387 copy

I grew this red warty thing in my garden and carved it just before we left.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5244 copy

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude thought he could do a better job.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5228 copy

Madame Tam was reading tarot cards…

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5212 copy

And checking her crystal ball.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5203 copy

I really liked this flare when Madame’s light hit my lens.

20181019FisherElevatorTamTerDSC_5220 copy

The grain elevator was built by an innovative farmer in the early 1900’s to lift his grain so that he wouldn’t have to shovel as much. Later, every town on a railway line had one,  and farmers hauled their grain there by horse and wagon.


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