Aurora 10 Oct 2018

They said there was a chance of aurora this night and the sky was clear, so we ventured out.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4970 copy

I have always enjoyed putting silhouettes into colourful skies.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4972 copy

I didn’t have to go far to find some interesting shapes.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4984 copy

The dim aurora is barely visible behind this old house.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4986 copy

Sometimes gate posts are all you need.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4987 copy

Sometimes there is just no way to get a silhouette shot and I have to settle for ugly street lights. Perhaps I will have to try during a power outage.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_4997 copy

It wasn’t a complete waste, as the aurora did dance for a short while.

The timelapse video turned out better than I expected.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_5155 copy

The milky way is just barely visible above the house, but I was pleased to get both the milky way and aurora in one shot.

20181011AuroraNearbyDSC_5163 copy

A little glow gives it a mysteriously eerie halloween feel.

20181012AuroraNearbyDSC_4982 copy

More gate posts! And I managed to catch a shooting star on its way to pierce the right  post.



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