Aurora Timelapse 20181007

I had the privilege of watching Lady Aurora dance last night. Friend’s social media posts alerted me of her possible presence. The evening did not look promising. At dusk, it was overcast and I thought for sure she would be a bust. On his way home from Thanksgiving dinner, Ryan let me know that she was out and the clouds were clearing. I checked the Aurora Forecast app and got the camera ready. It was late and I was tired (too much turkey), but I turned off the yard light and set the camera up.

She started slowly but improved her tempo midway through. The Big Dipper scooped some aurora!

The opening act was the Orionid Meteors!

20181007AuroraMeteorDSC_4828 copy

This one was a single shot. This is the first time I’ve captured a meteor with aurora! Check out the green tail!

20181008AuroraTimelapseMeteorsDSC_4809 copy

I managed to capture a couple more. This image and the image below are seconds apart but both show the same meteor burning up in our atmosphere.

20181008AuroraTimelapseMeteorsDSC_4808 copy

20181008AuroraTimelapseDSC_4950 copy

Then Lady Aurora began to dance…

20181008AuroraTimelapseDSC_4941 copy

She put on a pretty good performance considering my latitude was the 50th parallel.

20181008AuroraTimelapseDSC_4935 copy

I checked the oval, and this was just the beginning. I was tired and decided to call it a night.

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