Avonlea Badlands - Hoodoo, Mars and Milky Way

Avonlea Badlands by Starlight


The Avonlea Heritage Museum hosted another photography workshop featuring the incredibly talented Colin Chatfield last week. He gave a very informative talk about night photography and I’m sure we all learned a lot. Afterward, I led the group out to the Avonlea Badlands (private land, but we had permission) to practice what we had learned. Headlamps and flashlights enabled us to see the way and no one missed a step. Everyone was courteous and checked to see if others were exposing before turning on their lights.


The landforms in these badlands are amazing and there are photo opportunities everywhere I look.


We had been plagued with smoke from BC wildfires all week, but on this night, amazingly, the sky mostly cleared for us so there was little haze.


There was a bit of green airglow.


I love silhouettes and this one even caught the one tiny cloud that passed over that night.


Away from the glow of light pollution, some hoodoos are lit and silhouetted near Mars.


Mars, the milky way and me. (sounds like a candy bar ad)


The fat hoodoo, Mars and the Milky Way in the Avonlea Badlands (almost dark sky status).




5 thoughts on “Avonlea Badlands by Starlight

  1. Did you use the SkyView App? To check what stars were what? Very interesting skies 🌌 We don’t see those clear skies in the city ❤️love Dad

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