HooCam [Season 2, Episode 3] Owl Babies

Their stockpile of prey is dwindling as these two grow up.


But it looks as though Mama Hoo needs to clean house! It’s hard to believe that when they hatched 13 days ago, they were the same size as a mouse. There is still one by the upper left rim for comparison. They have at least quadrupled in size.

In this video, Mama Hoo flies to her favourite willow tree while I take pictures. When she returns, she keeps her owlets warm and safe and feeds them bits that she rips from the prey. They can barely lift their heads. The babies are growing so fast, every day we see new developments.


Resting or playing dead? This one didn’t move while I was taking these pictures. Perhaps it was overcome by the stench;)


Posing for the camera, this owlet is learning to walk. Look at the size of those feet! Great for grabbing prey.


The face only a mother could love.

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