HooCam [Season 2, Episode 2] Owl Babies

Did you see Episode 1 They’re Baaaack! 

Papa Hoo has been bringing many rodents for Mama Hoo. I suppose with the snow melting and warmer temperatures, his hunts are successful. The really interesting point I would like to make is that she is stockpiling snacks in the back of the nest. Yech!

We noticed her hoard was growing as she kept placing the new rodents he brought her to the edge of the barrel. Maybe that was because they could sense the upcoming snow storm. Nevertheless, she has plenty to eat, and even though she hisses at him when he comes close to the nest, he continues to provide the family’s meals.


When we noticed some chirping, I decided to roust her from the nest and go in for a better look. I changed some settings on my camera for these shots. Yes! They hatched April 16, 2018.


Yes, they have two owlets in the center of the nest not far from her snacks. At least they are keeping the rodent population down. The owlets are laying face down in the sweet clover seed, still unable to lift their heads.


Most of their activity happens at night when the webcams are in night mode in black and white.

I apologize for the poor quality video. We are still experiencing technical difficulties with slow rural internet, old equipment, multiple frame rates, etc. Please bear with us. Until next time…

Learn more about great horned owls.

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