Zanjero Park

We heard there were burrowing owls at Zanjero Park, so we decided to take our morning walk there in hopes of seeing them. We met a photographer on the trail who said two pairs were nesting in the far back corner.


They were living in man-made burrows made from pipes set back about twenty feet from the trail.


As we continued around the loop, we found this one in the inside area.


There were tons of bees in these flowers but it was the strangest thing – we never saw any bees come out of the flowers.


The bees had to go quite deep for the nectar. Kind of like a venus flytrap I think.


The bush was covered with blooms and bees.


We went around a couple of times and caught this beauty.


Just as I was shooting the owl, a quick movement caught my eye. Lucky me to have this roadrunner walk right up and check us out. I could count on two hands how many roadrunners I’ve seen in the Phoenix area, but never this close and never with camera at the ready.


Then it trotted off, looking high and low for some lunch.


Then it disappeared into the tumbleweeds. I am so lucky.


Nearby, the farmer was discing his furrows with San Tan Mountains in the background.


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