Arches National Park

20171101MoabArchesNatParkZoomDSC_8494Just north of Moab, Utah is Arches National Park, a protected collection of nature’s awesome formations. The short, abrupt climb up from the highway is precarious at times but well worth the views.


We decided against the 6 mile hike to Delicate Arch, the iconic cowboy chaps, as we could do 6 short hikes rather than one. This was shot from a great distance.


My priority was to see Landscape Arch, which I thought was more delicate, and the scenery was amazing!


Everywhere I turned were more gorgeous views.


We thought this guy looked like a statue from Easter Island.

I read about hikers in 1991 who were resting under Landscape Arch when they heard cracking and pebbles started to fall from the arch. They fled just before a 60 foot, 180 ton slab peeled away and crashed to the ground. We were grateful for this view of an endless struggle with gravity.


A short trail led us to this heavy arch. I love the texture in the rock.


We could see this high arch from the road and had to check it out, but only from below. No rock-climbers here!


Praying hands trailing off into rows of fins was a memorable, quick hike. We walked right between the hands!


Between the Praying Hands is this 12 foot arch with a variety of textures.


The slot narrows until the passage is blocked.


The power of water erosion is evident through these layers.


People have been admiring these beautiful rocks for a few centuries.


The judges look out over all the beauty.


No trip to Moab would be complete without a visit to the Sunset Grill up on the hill. There is so much to see in this area, we stayed overnight and explored more arches at Natural Bridges National Monument.



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