Some Natural Bridges

I’m so grateful we were able to return to Natural Bridges National Monument with more time to explore. It seemed we were climbing from the main highway near Moab, Utah and then it levelled out at the gate.


After a knowledgable man at the visitor center helped us choose an appropriate hike, we started to drive along the one-way loop stopping at some of the scenic lookouts.


A 200+ foot descent brought us down to this wonderful arch. Rushing water had created this void eons ago.


The ancient river had also left interesting holes in the sandstone bed and an eddy had undercut some layers. Richard is rested on a stone above the ledge while I explored.


I summoned the courage to go under the ledge but scanned for creatures who’s home I might be invading. The arch from under the ledge was an interesting perspective.


Downstream and through the arch, I had to stop at the edge of the abyss for this panorama.


One last look at the megaton arch, I marvelled at the forces that created it.


Then, retraced my steps back up the waterfall to find Richard and hike back up to the car.


A short drive south to our favourite short cut “goat-trail” – single lane, gravel, 5mph hairpins – but it was way easier going down this time. We chuckled at our memories of ascending this cliff a couple of years ago.


We watched below as a jeep descended, stopping at the pullout on the right to meet an oncoming truck.


The rewards at the bottom were the views of Monument Valley, the location of many John Wayne flicks.


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