Canada Day Fireworks Eh?

We love watching fireworks so it’s no surprise we were at Dunnet for the display on July 1, 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.  A big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen over Watson Reservoir. Here are some of the highlights:


It was almost dark when they got things rolling. Our vantage point was not the greatest. Next time I will try to get closer to the action.


Love these red ones!


A little more of the scene reveals the reflection in the water and silhouettes from the opposing shore. Smoke on the water – sing it for me!


I love these feathers!


Another feather shot.


Oops, I think there’s a fire in the grass… [pause]


Volunteer fireman to the rescue! It’s a good thing they were on hand.


On with the show! Colours reflecting in the lake.


Pretty purple.


We loved it all! Great job guys!

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