Jerome, AZ

After agreeing on Jerome, AZ as our destination for a short road trip, we came at it from the top.


The winding mountain road was fun to drive with all its curves and hills. We pulled off at this viewpoint to take it in before continuing the short distance to the town.


The town seems to only have one street winding through a mix of eclectic shops with everything from metal art to pottery gift shops.


We saw this old yellow stop sign in the town’s museum.


This 8 foot pully was proudly displayed on the sidewalk on a main corner. It was used to pull the elevator full of men in and out of the mine. Jerome started as a coal mining town and when that ran out, became a gold mining town.


Beautiful wrought iron railings fence off old storefronts and buildings throughout the town.


The historic Liberty Theatre Museum is open to tourists. All the parts for a large wooden pipe organ are awaiting assembly below the screen.


The theatre is full of antique projectors.


Many of these reminded me how far the movie industry has progressed.


Items rarely used anymore adorn the walls.


Why would anyone want to live on the side of a cliff? The cute phrase in the window of one shop reminded me that we had another stop to make.


We managed to find the other road that leads up to the Jerome Grand Hotel and Asylum Restaurant. There are wonderful views of Jerome and the Verde Valley from every window. Apparently the building was originally an asylum that was converted later to a hotel. In the fine dining room was a crooked grandfather clock that seemed to say it all.


The last stop was at the Mine Museum where natural patinas were striking.


I loved this Peterbuilt bus conversion with its lightweight cedar siding and shingles.


I can think of a few guys who would like this old tow truck.


It looked like this one was undergoing some restoration in a shop.


After a full day of wandering, our feet were tired and we headed down the road into the Verde Valley below.


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