Riparian Preserve… again!

Yes, I liked it so much that when Wendy asked me to go with her and MaryBeth, I was thrilled. The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert has a multitude of wildlife and some ‘mon too on miles of trails around the shallow ponds.


The bushes were beginning to bloom.


I finally got a good shot of this flower using a very small aperture.


The bee was too busy to pose for me.


The cattails were fluffing out getting ready to seed the next crop.


I’m sure I’ve seen these in SK, or at least something like them.


Riparian water is so colourful.


We saw a few turtles and this guy was out sunning himself.


I had fun animating this hungry fisherman.


The American Avocets seemed to stay as far from me as possible, as usual.


I was told this was a Snowy Egret. There were a few of them fishing in the morning, but by noon they were snoozing in the shade.


Same one from a different angle.


This cactus was imitating the egret.


This goose was hanging out with the Canada’s in the shade.


The tufted duck we saw last time was there again and we caught him having a bath.


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